Fantastic Radio Station! LOADS of stuff to upload but first a Saturday morning walkabout from 1982…..

Liz Campbell - Morning Call at Craig Dunain mental hospital Inverness

Such a programme would be inconceivable nowadays because in the closed society we have become you would be unlikely to get permission and “Commercial’ radio would NEVER do such a thing,

Len Black out with the Radio Car, The WONDERFUL Auntie Jean with the wedding dedications and just a bit of me on an Oil Rig… Typical 1980’s Saturday morning on MFR with an 18% audience at 10… which I believe is the highest ever Saturday morning UK commercial radio audience percentage…… but was nothing compared to the 24% we got on a Sunday afternoon!

So much fantastic radio across the North of Scotland throughout the 80’s. Brilliant piece from 1982…. The official opening of the Kessock Bridge.

And another Saturday morning….. 10th August 1985 with David Ogg out with that Radio Car.

Head of Sales Rod Webster (RIP) The guy could sell sand to an Arab. BRILLIANT sales person who made sure that over £1,000 per DAY came into Moray Firth Radio to keep it on the air. For the first year or so Rod, together with Commercials producer Tosh Lubek and a small team presented the FANTASTIC “SS2” Absolutely incredible production went into this programme and its a pity that very little has survived……… Here they are with special guest ANIKA.

More audio from the early days of MFR