Audio things that don’t really fit anywhere else on the site 😀

First….. Something I put together after a trip to the US in the late 90’s. I had the vague idea of making something for one of the more eclectic US radio stations. This was also made during a sort of ‘angry’ phase after an item I had made in Kosovo was…… censored.

Basically the idea was to make something that was….. nonsense….. but in such a way as to make listeners question what a radio programme is….. supposed to be. I also wanted to make ‘professionals’ feel acutely…. uncomfortable when listening to it 😜

Truth of the Distortion

Part One…… very heavy. For those with no appreciation of hard techno it would perhaps be best to listen first to Part 3 of this? 

Ive always been fascinated by street Preachers. This is a mash up Laurent Garnier together with a street preacher and some of his ‘audience’ recorded during an evening walk around Boston. PLAY LOUD!

Part Two……. American talk radio at its best. The Tom Leykas Show, mixed with more Laurent Garnier. I listened to this guy a lot during my many trips to the US in the 90’s. Strange thing happened once when I got back to Scotland……. Channel 4 News on UK TV played a short piece of this guy recorded in the studio……. and it was of something I had heard while driving in San Francisco a few days earlier.

Part Three……. Best described as being like BBC Radio 4 on Acid -Which Ive never taken despite numerous opportunities in the past.

Mashup…… More Laurent Garnier together with more of the Tom Leykas Show, the Boston Street Preacher, The Lords Prayer an my lovely old lady neighbour in Scotland….. and her cat! Enjoy…… Its only a radio programme……

Music…… Laurent Garnier from the SUPERB album - The Man With The Red Face

Part ONE

Part TWO