Nanjing Road, Shanghai - November 2016

I first went to Shanghai in November 1988 and spent 60% of the nineties in China, based mostly in Shanghai.


A SLOW video beginning at the Seventh Heaven Hotel where I stayed many times during my early visits. It was owned by the Shanghai Governments Radio and TV bureau and is now what could be called a listed building because  years ago it was the tallest building in the city.

When I lived in Shanghai the street was a seething noisy mass of people, taxis,  motorbikes and bicycles. Now it is pedestrianised, calm, and as you will see, it also has an Apple store.


Hi Contrast and slo-mo……..  Wonderfully surreal……. The people become……..Art?

MUSIC - Jean Pol Cornelis, Conspiracy Theories - ART-LIST - Carl Craig, Wonderful Life BUY - Brian Eno & Rick Holland , The Real BUY